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Our Passion

As you've probably guessed by now, SoulDisco LOVES music!

Our two main drivers that keep us providing mobile discos for a living are great customer service (naturally!) and, of course, GREAT MUSIC!

We live and breathe music. Music is our passion. So it seems only natural to want to share our enthusiasm for great music with clients who are also excited by well chosen tunes. From the rock and roll legends of the 1950s through the wonderful pop, soul and funk of the 60s and 70s to the glam and rock bands of the 80s, SoulDisco has a very wide musical palette. Whatever your musical tastes, SoulDisco will put together the ideal playlist for any wedding, private function, corporate or public event.

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The Music

To give you a sample of the great music SoulDisco plays, here's a selection of the types of artists played at different events...

The distinctive soul sound of Tamla/Motown. SoulDisco is a specialist Soul & Motown music DJ with an impressive collection of mainstream and rare classic tracks from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Slow, sexy, loose and danceable tunes with the bassline as the centrepiece of the song, the 1970s were full of funk. SoulDisco offers an in-depth knowledge of the era backed up with a massive collection of both mainstream and more obscure tracks.

A diverse range of music marked the 1960s as one of the most popular decades. SoulDisco is passionate about the 60s - from the rock 'n' roll and soul legends through the hippie flower-power era to the ska and reggae artists who brought world music to Britain. SoulDisco offers an incredibly diverse range of mainstream and specialist tunes from the decade.

The 70s brought some incredibly diverse musical genres - from disco to punk, heavy metal to glam. Whatever your favourites, SoulDisco offers a substantial catalogue covering both commercial (mainstream) and specialist acts. Whether you just want a few classic party tunes or a whole evening exploring one genre, SoulDisco has the experience, knowledge and catalogue to deliver!

Currently the most popular era with party planners, the 80s brought us a wide range of musical styles, from the synthesizer-infused glamorous New Romantics and the earliest manufactured boy and girl bands through to the hand-off with the 90s and the dominance of acid jazz and house music. SoulDisco was there, and now offers an outstanding collection of music from across the decade.